As a new small business owner the idea of doing my taxes was a very intimidating & unfamiliar task. Jeremy was able to alleviate those fears by educating me on the process & making sure I understood what options I had in completing my return. There was a recognizable effort made to make sure that I was comfortable with my return & more importantly understood it! Jeremy is a knowledgeable professional that will take the time & effort to make sure you are comfortable your return & that they’re done correctly.
Dustin M. – Lynchburg, Virginia


My biggest fear before hiring Jeremy was not receiving the most back from my tax return or if the IRS said that I owed money. Jeremy was able to help me overcome my fear by informing me of other tax situations and guaranteeing the best refund possible.  Jeremy was very knowledgeable of the tax laws, thorough in his explanation with clarity and he was very patient. I would recommend Jeremy to others because he is reasonable, trustworthy, operates with integrity. If you are looking for your taxes to be done accurate and professionally, Jeremy is the man to call!
Neil & Vonetta – New Jersey


I went through a big name tax agency and had to pay a huge fee just to use their services. Instead of getting money back I ended up owing a lot of money to the IRS.  I discussed this with Jeremy and he gave me professional advice on how to reduce my tax liability.  I followed his professional advice and allowed him to do my taxes the following year.  Now every year I am able to get a huge return due to his professional advice and expertise in taxes. I wish I had hired him sooner I would have had more money!
Naomi H. – Spartanburg, South Carolina


Jeremy has been doing my taxes for years now.  I started a business full time and my financial information was not organized and I didn’t have enough time to focus on all the dynamics of what my business generated.  I was going through a difficult situation in my life and Jeremy took my tax info and gave me his professional advice me on several items in my business and helped find deductions for me that I was not aware of.  Appreciate you Jeremy.
Nick N. – Lynchburg, Virginia


Jeremy truly understands business and has a heart to help people.  Whenever I had some complex tax questions Jeremy has been great adviser to my wife and I.  Jeremy helped file and get approved my 501c3 for my nonprofit.  He also filed my nonprofit tax return, thanks to Jeremy I don’t have to be concerned about people giving to my ministry and doing what God told me to do.  Thanks so much Jeremy
Yomi A. – Forest, Virginia


Jeremy has prepared my taxes for several years now.  Normally around tax time I am so busy and do not feel organized due to my husband’s business experiencing tremendous growth.  I hand over all of tax documents and income & expense documents to Jeremy.  Somehow he was able to work magic with all the stuff I give me  and hand it back to me beat and organized. Jeremy your wonderful!
Laura I. – Forest, Virginia


Jeremy has always been very pleasant and easily approachable, whenever I need help in preparation of my taxes or others he always provides excellent tips and advice on a way that is simple and easy to understand.  Thanks Jeremy
Jessica H. – Lynchburg, Virginia


Jeremy has been doing my taxes for several years now.  His professional knowledge has always found ways to get me the best refund possible.  Thanks Jeremy
Sarah M. – Lynchburg, Virginia


Jeremy is very resourceful in his know of the tax law.  He has always made himself available to help me answer any tax questions I had.  It’s great to have a resource that has a heart toward helping people.  Thanks Jeremy
Trachide G. – Lynchburg, Virginia


I was referred to Jeremy to do my taxes and I had no idea who was going to prepare my taxes that I could trust.  i met with Jeremy and he was so personable and made me feel comfortable in handling my tax situation.  He  prepared my taxes and made it seem easy even though I was heavy minded about how to get started.  Jeremy even went above and beyond by giving me top notch advice for the future and answered all questions I had.  Thank you very much Jeremy!
Teresa W. – Goode, Virginia


Last tax season I self prepared my return and the amount was abnormal to me and felt uncomfortable, so I consulted Jeremy and he reviewed my tax return and he was able to provide me with professional feedback on my return and he comforted me that the return was going to be fine and that was the expectation in my tax situation.  Thanks for your help Jeremy.
Jessica F. – Rocky Mount, North Carolina


Jeremy has been performing my taxes for many years.  Jeremy eases my conscience with all the diverseness and complexity of my taxes, from the rental properties to my s-corporation.  I have had major tax questions (i.e. historical tax credits, handling of accumulated earnings & profits, etc) and I heavily relied on Jeremy’s professional advice to help me in pivotal points in my business. He was very instrumental in helping me move forward in my decision making.  Thanks Jeremy.
Stuart J. – Richmond, Virginia


Thank you!